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Textual Advertising
Very quick and easy to create. Can be stacked or in a row
Pay per Click
Pay per Click

Text Ads:

  • Small Fast Loading
  • Short Description
  • To the point
  • Stackable
  • Horizontal


Live Sample

Pay per Click
Text ads are configurable for color but the size is limited to only one size. This is necessary to load or stack them efficiently. At one point a text ad was the only choice of an advertiser but this has changed with more graphic type ads. Text ads are being used less and less by advertisers as a text ad can disappear in the text of a page. Even with a border a Text ad can blend in. Most of these type ads are displayed stack on either the right or left had columns in the page.
Pay per Click
Text Ads are short and to the point. They load incredibly fast and can be displayed almost anywhere on the page. Text ads are highly contextual and can be stacked or in a row as many as needed. Generally, four across or four down are normal. They can also be displayed individually. A nominal campaign might have two Text ads mixed with a Skyscraper and a page page top banner.
Pay per Click
Direct and Pointed..... Pay per Click Descriptive and Fast

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Pay per Click
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