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Advertising Services
Clickcounters provides consulting and ad design services. Please contact us for information
Pay per Click
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Pay per Click

Online Advertising, Internet Marketing Services

Advertising and Content Management Solutions that are Flexible enough to meet any budget! We have the campaign solution for your company.

Emailing Services: 
Mass emailing although less desirable is still somewhat affective. This is a reputable marketing site with Search Engine Optimization tools and Mass Emailings.....

SEO and SEM Services: 
Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine management services. Consulting services to get your site busy.....It has to be done right the fist time.

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Pay per Click

June 18, 2009
Clickcounters selected by as a primary ad solutions provider. Pay per Click

August 20, 2009
Friday serves it's One Billionth ad. Pay per Click


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Pay per Click
We can provide the services a company needs to manage a successful web based business. If you need site monitoring with graphical reporting or a banner rotation system can provide that for you.
Pay per Click
  • Ad services........

You have a Banner Ad.......
A Web Site you believe will display this banner to your best audience.

Clickcounters can Host your images, Count the impressions
Count the click throughs to your site while providing you with graphical and detailed reports by time and Requesting IP's

Pay per Click
  • Site Statistics ........

Clickcounters can track key page loads. We can count the traffic within your site and display it by IP address. Clickcounters can track which search engine was used to link to your default page.

Each statistic page can be viewed online and in Real Time. Click counters can customize a Statistics page that best suits your needs.

  • Campaign Management

Clickcounters can consult with you on your advertising needs and put together an online Campaign that will meet your expectations. We can provide complete services from the Add Serve Design to billing your advertisers for you.

  • Banner Management can provide simple banner rotation services or scheduled page includes. can provide rich content as well. Simply Cut and Paste a few lines of our Code into your pages and you are ready to go.


  • Ad Tracking

Have a Web Site with Advertisers in place. Let Clickcounters manage your site space. We can host your Advertisers Images and serve them to your site. Clickcounters can manage the billing and click through's. We can provide detailed Add statistics to both parties leaving you with more time to run your business.

  • e Affiliates Management

If you sponsor affiliate services how do you keep track of the Clicks and Sales from your Affiliates while providing a level of integrity and honesty to your Partners? With no interest in either party other then the service we provide can count the click throughs to your site and provide a clearing house solution to you and your Affiliates.

Pay per Click
Pay per Click
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