Pay per click online Advertising
Pay per click online Advertising
Pay per click online AdvertisingInternet and Online Advertising Internet and Online Advertising Pay per click online Advertising Pay per click online Advertising
Pay per click online Advertising
EARN.......up to 70% of the Revenue.
When an ad displayed on your site is clicked you earn.
Pay per click online Advertising
Great way to track your traffic as well.
Pay per click online Advertising

Pay per click revenue.

  • Affiliates Earn up to 70% Revenues

  • You Control our technology

  • Non-Exclusive No Contracts

  • Free Tech Support forever

  • Real Time Reporting

  • Free Web Site Tracking can place everything from High Quality Skyscrapers to Customized Text ads on your Site. We can provide detailed statistics to you. With a click of your mouse you will have detailed information organized by Day or Month. This information is graphed out by time per day with IP addresses. has a network of quality advertisers. The ads we display on your site are previewed and if deemed objectionable are not accepted. We also host all media so no after campaign changes can be made. We pay top commissions to our publishers. It is so easy to implement our ads. If you can cut and paste you can get started today

Imagine, a custom Web Site performance and tracking system that earns you....$....

not costs you .....$.....


Pay per click online Advertising

"We see a click through rate of about .27 percent. We know where our visitors are going and appreciate the added revenues."

 A free graphical representation of your traffic displayed by day and campaign length in the form of Charts is available to you. This will give you an accurate picture of what your web site is doing. 

View the Demo Reports Page. Custom reports can be done as well.

This a complete webs site tracking system that earns you up to 70% Commissions of the Clicks.

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Your website must not promote, link directly to, or contain any of the following content:

  • Indecent or pornographic material.

  • Software pirating or any site that violates third-party intellectual property rights.

  • MP3 files/sites that do not have the legal right to distribute MP3 files.

  • Hacking/phreaking or any other site invading the rights of computer users.

  • Any illegal activity

  • Any subject matter inconsistent with corporate policies as determined in its sole discretion

  • Free hosting websites

Pay per click

If you have a site...... If you have some traffic......
Web site performance and tracking reports that provide revenue. Inline content advertising can greatly enhance your site and bring additional revenues to your stream. When the browser clicks a Banner or Button, Skyscraper or Text Ad the direction is opened in a new page. This leaves your site in view and keeps your site in the users Focus.Or choose to open the window in the same window. Pop ups are available as well. Payment is prompt and you will see revenues quickly. You will need to file the appropriate Tax Forms.

Pay per click online Advertising
Affective ads around the Clock. Real Time reporting by Impressions and, Clicks. IP addresses and times captured. We can also provide proprietary reporting for you as well.

Pay per click online Advertising

  • Skyscrapers  



  Text ads


Pay per click online Advertising Contextual Banners and Text ads based on Categories. Everything from Autos to Zoot suite Ads are categorized by keyword and media type.

Pay per click online Advertising

Partial Inventory List!:
This is a partial listing of some of the media available to you.

Free Advertising: 
Publishers can insert 1 text  ad into our network just for signing up.

Traffic Scenario Calculator:
Use this tool to calculate your revenue based on your traffic right now

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Pay per click We simply refuse to implement any spyware or ad ware. Please read our policy in Spyware

Pay per click online Advertising
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