Spyware • Adware Policy Statement:
Our over riding mission as a company is to protect the privacy of all of our users and those of our partners and clients as well. The detailed explanation below will help you understand our position on spy ware


Our clients are wide-ranging, from online retailers to auto manufacturers to online advertisers. For example, Sony uses Clickcounters to display complex features of its notebook, desktop, and server computing products. Toyota, Ford, and other car manufacturers use the Clickcounters to highlight capabilities that are difficult to promote in a showroom or on a test drive. 

In order for our clients' customers to view these online presentations, it is required that the Clickcounters install some cookie and preference information, much as it is required for the Flash player to be installed to view a Flash presentation. A major difference, of course, is that because Clickcounters is primarily a business-to-business brand many consumers are not familiar with our name or what we do. Obviously since our customers rely on the technology to market their products and services it is very important to make the most recent features available..

AT NO TIME WHATSOEVER does the Clickcounters collect ANY personal data about you or your usage patterns, nor do we install third-party software or access information on your hard drive other then preference cookies we may have placed on your system. The auto-ad process happens totally anonymously and happens solely to ensure the ad performance is up-to-date. Since we do not collect personal data, there is no way - as in the case of 'spy ware' - to "traffic" or sell your personal information. We as a company find spy ware to be reprehensible and we are committed to protecting the privacy of all of our users.
We value each and every one of our users and will continue to promote innovative, next generation experiences without compromising our users’ safety, security or privacy. That is our pledge.

Mark Luther