Flash File Specifications

   This Guideline will explain how to implement a clickTag variable in your Flash file. The reason for this implementation is to allow the system to track clicks when users click on the flash creative. All creative sizes are available in the inventory. 468 x 60, 250 x 250 etc....

 SWF Movie Requirement

   For the most part, the movie is made just like any other movie. Any swf file specifications provided by the advertiser still apply. Any animation or ActionScript that you would normally use can be used with this method. The only difference is the settings for click through actions. Make sure the following parameters are set when the ad clicks over to a site:
* clickTag is used in the URL.
* the URL box is set for an expression.
* the target window is set appropriately (generally _blank is the best choice).

   The accompanying figures show examples what the Flash 4 or Flash 5 interface should look like when all the parameters are set appropriately.

N.B. This method will only work with Flash 4 or higher creatives. Flash 3 creatives do not have the necessary features.

    Also, make sure that the movie filename is all lower case without any spaces. Since the movie will be played on the Internet, not having spaces in the filename and keeping the filename lower case will help prevent problems in locating the file on different servers.
    Clickcounters recommends that clickTag is used only to  pass into the SWF file the URL information. ActionScript is used to combine the clickTag together with the movie. Clickcounters recommends that clickTag be setup in this manner to allow for additional safety and flexibility.

   For Flash 4, the URL should look something like Fig. 1. The end result would follow the pattern: "clickTag"

Figure 1. Flash 4 with Clickcounters recommended URL
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For Flash 5, the URL should look something like Fig. 2. The result should follow the same pattern: "clickTag".

Figure 2. Flash 5 with Clickcounters recommended URL

Flash Online Advertising

 For Flash MX , the URL should look something like Fig. 3. The result should follow the same pattern: "clickTag".

Figure 3. Flash MX with Clickcounters recommended URL

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 The URL box is set for an expression.
    The text that is entered into the URL box is an expression. When the movie plays, the expression will be evaluated and replaced with the click tracking string and the destination URL from the the HTML sniffer code, in the DART system. In order for this method to function correctly, you must indicate that the text is an expression. In Flash 4, the button to the right of the URL should have an equal sign. It should not have the letters abc. (See Fig. 1.) In Flash 5, the expression check box should be checked. (See Fig.2). Note that there are two buttons or check boxes. One is for the URL and one is for the target window. Make sure that the button or check box for the URL is set correctly.
- The target window is set appropriately
   Most rich media advertising is served through a different frame or through javascript. Frames or javascript allow a site to rotate ads. Because frames are sometimes used, the target window for the click through URL must be set appropriately. If the target window is set incorrectly, the advertiser's site will not appear in the right location. We  recommend  setting the target to _blank or _new. This will load the landing site in a new window.
- Passing variables is set appropriately.
   When the click through occurs, the browser will first contact the ad server to count the click and then go to the advertiser's site. If you are not passing variables to the advertiser's site, set the Variables drop down box to "Don't send". To pass variables with Clickcounters ad servers, choose "Send using GET". If the advertiser's servers can not use the GET method for variables, please contact Clickcounters support for assistance.

- Multiple Click-Through Areas
If the FLASH Files contain multiple clickable zones with different destination URL, follow the same procedure with
different clickTag names: clickTag1, clickTag2...etc.

VERY IMPORTANT : If the variable is used inside a movie clip embedded in the main Flash animation, the variable MUST be accompanied by this extension : _root. to obtain this variable : _root.clickTag . In fact, it's possible to send values to a variable which is the main Flash animation and not to its child movie clips.


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