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Remarkably Versatile Banner ads can display your banner in Animation with Sound.
Pay per Click
Think of them as Little Commercials
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Media Rich Creatives

  • Effective vehicle for branding, awareness, lead generation, etc.
  • Provides excellent reach across a given site.
  • Offers targeting capabilities unavailable with many other ad products (by operating system, domain, etc.).
  • Compliance with IAB standard makes banner ads efficient to produce and implement

Sizes Available:

  • ROS or targeted
  • 468x60 12k
  • 300x75
  • GIF, GIF89a, JPEG
  • SWI, SWA
  • HTML

(Sorry no forms available!)

Pay per Click Advertising
Media may be Animated and have embedded sound. Almost anything can be done as long as the size restrictions are adhered to. Banner ads are extremely descriptive and load slower than smaller image or Text ads. They carry by far the most Visual Impact as many descriptive frames or scenes may load. This makes them slightly costly but the Returns are generally higher.
Pay per Click

Banner Advertising is an effective tool in that Banner Media tends to load first and can be at the top of the Page next to a site Logo. Some publishers will mix them in with the text. They are displayed as a fixed width and height Horizontal image usually centered in a cell or on the page. The Banner ad can contain animations using Flash or an animated gif image. The Media is image linked and the user is taken to a new or the same Window when the Banner Advertisement is clicked. It is a versatile and an adaptable medium and is easily notice by the browser.

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Transparent Animated GIF
with .5 second Frames

Pay per Click
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