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Purchases made on the Internet have been growing by over 30% every year since 1997.
Pay per Click
There are an estimated 100 Million Homes on High Speed Data
Internet Advertising
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Pay per Click Advertising

Get your Brand out there...

Did you Know:
Client software filters or stops about 92% of all pop ups generated by Spy Ware. Clickcounters does not use nor do we condone the use of Ad-ware. Your ad will be placed in the content of a Clickcounters approved publisher. 

Clickcounters can provide that!

Search Engine Advertising is a dangerous road to wander on. Organics get the majority of the clicks and your advertisement displayed on the right hand side is ignored. Also, your competitor knows exactly where your ads are. 

Click Fraud detection 
Clickcounters has exclusive click fraud detection software. We constantly monitor the network for anything beyond the averages. We monitor for Authorized Domains only. Each Impression, click and conversion is matched by several criteria. Each Publisher must be  approved for content and traffic quality by our editing staff.

More Internet Advertising

Internet Advertising

The Traffic Report: can place everything from your Skyscrapers to Customized Text ads on affiliate Web Sites. We  provide detailed online statistics for you. With a click of your mouse you will have detailed information organized by Day or Month. This information is graphed out by time per day with IP addresses now also with IP to Geo Location Information.

We can display your Media on an approved publisher's website that attracts interested browsers. We can limit and cap your expenses as you tell us what you like to spend per month. Campaigns maybe setup and limited to day and frequency. You may only want your ad to impress on Friday afternoons on blog sites for the keyword "Hunting"  to display to users in Zimbabwe only. 

View the Demo Reports Page. Custom reports with specialized Charting can be provided as well.

Editorial Screening: carefully screens every affiliate publishing web site. It is important to us that your Media be displayed on high quality web sites that can only enhance your brand. 


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Pay per Click

If you have a site......If you want traffic......
Clickcounters can help with content specific advertising. We have relationships with 1000's of publishing Web Sites ready to display your advertisements. Clickcounters has an internet advertising  scenario to meet anyone's needs. Contextual Marketing  and/or IP to Location Marketing campaigns will send you higher quality traffic leading to improved conversion ratios. View our PPC ROI Calculator for details.

Set your spending limits or only display ads on Fridays. We can provide our clients the Webs most versatile Internet Advertising Campaigns. Charting and Real-time reporting is available.  Now you can take advantage of a truly adaptive Keyword Contextual and IP to Geographical Location Network. 

Don't have a web site...No problem we can link your Internet Advertisement to any Email address.

Media Buyers and Advertising Agencies:

We pay commissions. Bring us your clients and we'll pay you for them....all of them.....residually....every month.....Log into your account to view all of your campaigns. The Agent has complete control over the agencies accounts.

Affective ads around the Clock. Real Time reporting by Impressions, Clicks or Acquisitions. IP addresses and times captured. We can also provide proprietary reporting for you as well.

Ad Types:

Text ads
Flash Files

  Media Specs:

Pop ups
Pop Unders

 Collect Data with Pops !
Poll Poppers Demo

Poll campaigns maybe controlled like any other ad. They can be set for specific times or max impressions. A user will only see your poll one per visit. If the user has already taken the poll or survey they will be redirected to the Results Page! What better way to mine for data then a Poll Pop. 

Context Specific 

Display your media on sites by keywords. Whenever a publisher logs on we scan and index the publishers site for keywords. This allows us to maintain a very detailed database of contextual keyword inventory.  Drive targeted traffic and increase your conversions.

Keyword Tools!

IP to Geography

Take advantage of IP2 Geo marketing. Why display ads that are selling snow shoes to Hawaiians. Our IP to Geo database can make sure your media is displayed where it should be displayed.

  Map Tools!
Get GEO info on a City, State, Country or any area.

Where is our majority traffic coming from?

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