Creative Inventory Descriptions:

Flash, Gif and JPG files are a fast loading and attractive form of  media. The sizes vary from small animated buttons to larger banner and skyscraper displays. As an advertiser you must adhere to the size restrictions as your creatives may be not be displayed correctly. We also want to get you up and running as fast as possible and submitting improperly sized media may delay the start of your campaigns . Clickcounters can design your media as well. Click the "Designs" for more details.                                                                    

SkyScrapers : 
100 x500 px.
120 x 600 px.
Banners :
468 x 60 px.
300 x 75 px.
Boxes :
500 x 500 px.
250 x 250 px.
100 x 100 px.
Buttons :
240 x 90 px.
88 x 30 px.
If we do not have the inventory you desire please contact us. We will do our best to accommodate you. The is a  partial list and reflects  the most commons sizes that are currently in our network as well as others. Our Inventory starts first by sizes and works it's way to Context and then IP 2 Geo. Size is first and foremost as the most important. We do not want the Media to affect the publishers look and feel as well as formatting of the website. It is very important to ClickCounters that we maintain consistency in the Media for these reasons.

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